Select the level of satisfaction in each category , being:

 Very dissatisfied


 Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied


 Very Satisfied


1. In preparing its pediment

2. In preparing their expense accounts

3. In the information received about the status of their shipments

4. In the information it receives on his consultations

5. In the data it receives from our electronic information systems


  1. Staff attention in traffic

2. In the attention of the administrative staff

3. In the staff’s attention to customer service


1. In the clearance of your goods

2. In the delivery of your expense accounts

3. To contact staff of Grupo Galván that you are trying to reach V

4. The response to your requirements


1. In the fulfilment of your requirements

2. In the attention and solution to the problems related to your operations

3. In the cost of our services

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if the answer is affirmative please select the service:


 Certification in VAT and IEPS matters

Audits in Foreign Trade

Procedures before the government


Counseling in Foreign Trade

Defense in Customs Matters

 In Sourcing

Other (especifique):

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